Electronic Engineering

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The Department of Electronic Engineering was created in 1981 by splitting the existing department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering into two distinct departments. The creation of the two departments had the approval of the NUC. The department of Electronic Engineering was created to harness the explosion of knowledge in the field of electronics to satisfy deep national needs for skilled engineers in the vital areas of telecommunication, control, instrumentation, digital and computer engineering.

The department produced the first batch of graduates in 1985. In 1984 the department started postgraduate (PG) programme for M. Eng. and Ph.D. Degrees aimed at producing specialists for industry and universities. The PG programme was intended to foster collaborative researches between the department, other related departments in other universities and industries locally and internationally. As the oldest department of Electronic Engineering in Nigeria, the department has always been keenly aware of its leadership role in spreading awareness of the importance of Electronic Engineering in the industrial development of the nation. In 1985, it organized a highly successful national workshop on microprocessors. And in 1989, it organized an international conference on developing countries and the new information age….more



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