The ICT infrastructure at the University of Nigeria (UNN) consists of three major components namely:

  1. The Data communication network (DCN),
  2. The network operations centre (NOC); and
  3. The computing and electronic resources for users (CeRU).

The Data communications network (DCN) infrastructure of the University of Nigeria provides the essential link between users of information and sources of information. It comprises: 

  • A data backbone fibre optic cable linking  key buildings in the faculty of Engineering to the Data Centre.
  • LANs, Wireless infrastructure, servers, switches, routers and radios .
  • A 1.5 GB Bandwidth subscribed through Ngren and MTN.
The Network Operations Centre (NOC) is the home for all backend servers and related equipment that provide the hardware platform for the central network services of the University. It is the centralised location where computer, communications or networks systems are monitored and managed 24-7. UNN has a Network Operation Centre (Data Centre).
The Computing and electronic Resources for Users (CeRU) consist of ICT equipment (computers and related accessories) that the University community uses to access the various network services, and the various electronic resources for teaching, research, learning and administration.  Currently, the University has: (a) About 2172 computers distributed across 15 computer laboratories.